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Tulip Tidbits
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Tulips tidbits
Volume 6 • Issue 8 August 10, 2013

In This Issue:

Picture from the Past

A Timely Tip for Your Flower Beds

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Fresh Cut Flowers for the Summer Season

Top 10 List

Q & A

Around the Garden


Our parent company is Washington Bulb Company, Inc., the largest grower of tulips, Daffodils and irises in the United States. All our bulbs are hand-sorted, inspected and packaged in our Skagit Valley facilities amidst the tulip fields. We keep the bulbs in a climate-controlled environment until they're ready to
be shipped for planting in your area.
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From the President:

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageThe summer season is bulb harvest season here on the farm. 350 acres of tulips have already been lifted from the fields, but we are still digging fields of iris and daffodil bulbs while we also work diligently to clean, grade, size, and process the already harvested tulip varieties. Advancements in agricultural technology have improved our digging and processing methods through the decades, but I still cannot help but think back to the days when my brothers, sisters, and I, along with many of the high school students residing within the Skagit Valley, would spend our summer months digging bulbs by lineal foot at a time! It was a lot of work back then, and still is today. Luckily for us, we have always been a company energized by an excellent group of hardworking employees who enjoy their work. And now, we can all sleep a little more soundly at night knowing we no longer have to spend our daylight hours digging bulbs by the foot!

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageSo what exactly do we do with our 1000+ acres of harvested bulbs? The majority of these bulbs will be planted back into our fields this fall, and will then bloom in splendid color come the spring of 2014. These bulbs will grow in size and multiply for next year's summer harvest. However, the TOPSIZE bulbs (see our Q&A for more on TOPSIZE bulbs) serve a different purpose. Some will be set aside for forcing fresh-cut flowers in our greenhouses – tulips and iris are forced and available for overnight delivery year round. A portion of these TOPSIZE bulbs will be replanted - either back into our fields or in our display garden at RoozenGaarde. And of course, a good number of them are set to be delivered to our customers living across the United States and Canada!

Enjoy the remaining weeks of your summer and stay cool.

Leo Roozen

Picture from the Past

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageUp until the late 1980's, bulb digging was done by hand – and lots of them – one foot at a time! This picture shows high school students from across the Skagit Valley digging bulbs while working on their tans, and maybe sneakily tossing about a dirt clod or two.

A Timely Tip for Your Flower Beds

Looking to add compost or other organic matter to your garden? Do it now if your flower beds allow. Starting the practice in the summer permits these materials to break down and better blend into the soil in time for the fall. Not all flower beds will need or require additions, but if you plan to do so, starting early can help.

Get Social with RoozenGaarde and!

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageIf you are on social media, find us! Our RoozenGaarde Instagram account is filled with beautiful pictures of our spring bloom in the Skagit Valley along with a few other flower and bulb related snaps. Our Pinterest page includes some interesting ideas on the home and garden plus a handful of recommended reads for tulip lovers. Twitter users can follow our tulip tweets throughout the seasons. And for gardening tips, behind the scenes shots, and tons of other tulip information, follow our page on Facebook!

Fresh Cut Flowers for the Summer Season

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageWe have an awesome selection of Asiatic lily colors available for the summer months – sure to provide a burst of long lasting color at an economical everyday price. Iris are also available in traditional blue, white, and yellow, while stunning Oriental lilies are available in pure white, light pink, and Montezuma - an outstanding variety with a reddish pink color. All of our flowers are grown right here on our Skagit Valley farm, picked fresh, and shipped overnight!

Throughout the summer and into the fall, we field continuous inquiries regarding the availability of our fresh-cut tulips. We have them available. We have them 365 days a year. And if we have the color you want, we will make sure to have the quantity you need! Hey, with a name like what did you expect? Give us a call if you have a wedding this year or are already planning your celebration for next summer. We not only grow fresh cut tulips 365 days a year, but we schedule our sets for up to a year in advance - so we already have a good idea of what we will have to offer next summer. Many colors are available and can be mixed and matched with a new color every bunch (10 stems per bunch)! As always, if you do not see the combination or specific color listed on our website, please call us at (866) 488.5477 or email – we might just have something special for you.

Top 10 List

Most popular tulip bulb varieties for 2013:

1. Pink Impression
2. Ile de France
3. Zurel
4. Aperitif
5. Seattle
6. Blushing Beauty
7. Purple Lord (pictured)
8. Princess Irene
9. Cash
10. Freeman
Tulip Tidbits Feature image

Most popular daffodil bulb varieties for 2013:

1. Dutch Master
2. Texas
3. Pheasant Eye
4. Geranium
5. Red Hill
6. Flower Carpet (pictured)
7. Mount Hood
8. Jack Snipe
9. Tete a Tete
10. Yellow Cheerfulness
Tulip Tidbits Feature image


Tulip Tidbits Feature imageQ: I dug my bulbs earlier this year, should I replant them now?
It would be best to wait until the fall to replant your bulbs. Tulip bulbs prefer stay dry during their dormant summer months. A location with a temperature in the 70s is preferred for a best case scenario. Mesh bags (an onion bag will do) or plastic trays provide excellent options for storing bulbs. All of the bulbs we sell are perennials; HOWEVER, we treat our tulip bulbs as annuals by digging and replanting each year. Tulips, daffodils, irises, hyacinths, crocuses, and our other specialty bulbs are relatively hardy species and respond rather well with even minimal care, but if you are looking to maximize the performance of your tulips each spring and the life of the bulb over time then we do recommend digging these bulbs in particular. Finally, if you have more specific questions regarding your bulbs or fresh-cut flowers, please call us at (866) 488.5477 and we will give you all of the information you can handle.

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageQ: What do the size measurements on bulbs mean?
The industry standard measurement for Topsize tulip bulbs is 12+ cm – meaning the bulb will not fit through a hole with a circumference of 12 cm. Why does size matter? As a rule, bigger bulbs will produce bigger flowers and will be more vigorous. However, a Topsize labeling does not preclude tulip bulbs from growing to sizes well beyond 12 cm. The Darwin Hybrid tulips are renowned for huge bulbs and blooms to match. It is not uncommon for Pink Impression (see photo) and Red Impression bulbs to measure up to 18 cm or more! Other tulips that are well known for large bulb sizes are Maureen and Menton (not surprising since they are both very tall French tulips) and newer varieties such as Lalibela and Purple Lord. Tulip bulbs grow to be all sizes and can be purchased as an 11/12 measurement and smaller. However, smaller sized bulbs are not recommended for home gardeners, but rather growers looking to establish new stock.

Daffodil bulbs are measured using the same method as tulips. They will vary in size depending on the particular grouping. For instance, our Topsize Yellow Trumpet daffodil bulbs will generally measure around 25 cm and many bulbs will be even larger still! The picture shown at right displays two Standard Value bulbs – a size 30 cm and 29 cm. Large Cupped daffodils are also well known for having very large sized bulbs. Conversely, Topsize measurements for Tete-a-Tete will be noticeably smaller, and every other variety falls somewhere in between. DN1, DN2, and DN3 can also be used to reference the size of daffodil bulbs with the largest bulbs receiving the DN1 grade.

Around the Garden

Tulip Tidbits Feature image RoozenGaarde set up for a local company's summer picnic.
Tulip Tidbits Feature image Bulbs for Brides for summer weddings and events!
Tulip Tidbits Feature image Wine Barrels filled with dahlias and more.
Tulip Tidbits Feature image A dahlia bloom with perfect symmetry and splendid color.
Tulip Tidbits Feature image Barley growing in the field bordering the display garden.

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