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Tulips Tidbits September 2020 - Let's Plant!
Let's Plant Bulb pick up time is here, bulb boxes are getting prepped for shipping, and the excitement for spring begins...even though it is only fall! Here in the Skagit Valley, October is the best month for getting bulbs into the ground; the same is true for most areas across the US and Canada. Daytime temps have cooled, the soil temps have fallen below 60 degrees, and the fields are still dry enough to drive a tractor + planter. It is hard to say what the weather will be like during this day and age, but we are sticking to what's worked thus far until we find out otherwise.

Garden plan sketchThough we aim to finish planting our fields by October 31st, our display garden isn't finished for some weeks after. The reason being, our team is planting over one million bulbs (nearly 200 varieties) all by hand! You can imagine that this may take a bit more time than driving a machine through a field. As you have seen in the past, the designs of the garden are also quite intricate. There have been rainbows, I heart you's, bullseyes, Seahawk pride, a Kung Fu Panda, and so much more - always different, and always impressive.

Garden layout In our August Newsletter, we provided some tips as to how you can prep your garden for bulbs. If you have not gotten around to it yet, there's still time! For those of you whose gardens are ready to go, this simple planting guide will provide you four easy steps to get you started. If you're thinking about getting a little more creative with your planting this year, we've listed some ideas (many of which we use), that can lead you on your way!

  • Draw out a plan on paper. The design can be as simple or as complex as you wish - from grouping squares of color to a full-on Picasso painting!

  • Set the bulbs on top of the soil before actually planting them. This provides you a better visual of how your blooms will look once sprouting up.

  • Keep in mind the season of the bloom. If you ordered tulips of early, mid, and late season, remember that they will not all bloom at the same time. When laying out your garden, think about if you'd like the blooming to be spread out or if you'd like parts of your garden to show color at different times.

  • Keep it simple and stress free! Planting bulbs should be something that is enjoyable and gets you excited come spring! If creating a plan makes you anxious, just plant! Blooms will always be beautiful!
Beginning to bloom Full bloom
Don't forget we have free planting seminars the next few Saturdays right here at our garden. Learn a little about our history, how we do things here on the farm, a few rules of thumb to get best results for each season, and a chance to get your questions answered by some of the best in the business!

Planting Seminars, Saturday, September 25th, October 3rd and 10th, 10am

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