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Tulips Tidbits April 2020 - She believed she could, so she did...
Tulip Tidbits Feature imageHer creativity shaped it, her hands helped build it and her passion and love grew it. It was simple really, She believed she could, so she did. It was RoozenGaarde and she was Bernadette Roozen Miller. Last month, we took you down memory lane and shared how we became rooted in the tulip bulb industry right here in the Skagit Valley. This month, we want to share more about the beginnings of RoozenGaarde, how it became more than just a place to plant bulbs and sell flowers and the family member who was behind it all - Bernadette.

If you can for a moment, wipe the current vision you have of RoozenGaarde and its massive displays from your mind. Picture solely a half acre of land, specifically the old orchard area - its gravel paths, rickety old fruit trees, and railroad bordered flower beds. Instead of a retail store, imagine a simple flower stand, with a spunky smiling blonde within it selling fresh cut flowers. This was RoozenGaarde in its beginnings. A small little garden with a simple little flower stand, and potential that was anything but small.

Tulip Tidbits Feature image In 1984 the very first Tulip Festival was held. It was then that Mr. Roozen's farm started to get publicity. He along with his five sons saw that growing flowers was far more of a business then they ever imagined. People came from near and far to see them. The experience of driving by fields carpeted in color, strolling through a small, yet beautiful display garden full of vibrant blooms, and capturing it all in pictures was highly sought after by many. It was a business that needed to be shared and somehow, shared year-round. That's when they turned to Bernadette.

Tulip Tidbits Feature image A year later, in 1985, Bernadette's vision created RoozenGaarde, her hands that built it, and her heart that grew it. The store was a way for Bernadette to share her passion for gardening and her love of farming. The store became her baby, "it's very near and dear to my heart. A lot of it has become a reflection of my life." You see, Bernadette wasn't trying to sell people on just things, she was selling them on her desire, her enjoyment, and her love of farming flowers. You couldn't just have flowers without having bulbs, and you couldn't grow bulbs without proper planting materials, and if it wasn't the season for planting your garden, it was the season for prepping it - there was always something to be excited about! You could walk in the store knowing little to nothing about flowers and bulbs and walk out ready to create a garden of your own. It was more than just the beautiful flowers, bulbs, and accessories that made this store, it was the personality of the young woman behind it. She gave you the experience you were hoping for, Bernadette allowed you to feel the passion she felt.

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageIn 1996, Bernadette passed away after a long courageous battle with a rare disease called Amyloidosis. She left behind a store that was thriving - one that she continued to grow, improve upon, and pour herself into until the very end. Bernadette will never be forgotten.

It was that girl with her stubborn fiery personality, her daddy's farming mentality, and her endless creativity that paved the way for us today. She set the bar and she set it high. No one will ever replace Bernadette at RoozenGaarde, but that doesn't stop any of us from trying - trying to make RoozenGaarde better, grow it stronger, and push its success to be larger.

It's no secret that this year, RoozenGaarde experienced our toughest spring yet. One that could have been the end, but much like Bernadette, we've realized that RoozenGaarde means far more to us than just a place, it's our heart and soul, our home away from home, for some part of our history, and for all a part of our family. We'd like to think Bernadette continues to watch over us being our biggest cheerleader and our toughest critic. It's because of her and the groundwork she laid that even in the hardest of times we want to grow RoozenGaarde.

Tulip Tidbits Feature image Like Bernadette, the flowers of the season seem to leave us all too soon, but that doesn't mean they will be forgotten. Their beauty and boldness will leave an impression that will last until the next years buds become full of life. For all of you who have lost someone near and dear to your heart, know that we are with you, and hope that if nothing else, you will find peace and serenity within our blooms.

Tulip Tidbits Feature imageIt is our wish that though you haven't been able to come out and share our tulips with us in person this spring, you've still very much felt a part of the season. We hope that we have brought you joy in a time of sorrow, shown you light in a time of darkness, and given you faith in better days ahead.
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