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How We Grow
How We Grow

As we patiently await the first daffodil blooms to pop in the fields, we can look to our fresh cut flowers standing tall in vases on the table tops in our homes. If you have been with us for a while, you know that our tulips are not just available for the spring season but all 12 months out of the year! Most of our other blooms come and go, except for Asiatic lilies, these are also offered year-round. How is it exactly we continue to keep these blooms bustling throughout every season? The answer is simple, Greenhouses, but the process, that is a bit more complex.

We currently have approximately 16 acres of greenhouses that are growing blooms throughout the year. This was not always the case. The number, mechanics, and structure of our greenhouses has improved immensely over time. In the beginning, there was barely a handful of greenhouses on our grounds. The structure consisted of a wooden A-frame that had plastic covering wrapped around it. After some years, the couple of simple A-frame greenhouses, increased in number and transformed in style to what is called Quonset Huts (think of a huge half cylinder tube wrapped with thick plastic). During these years, all the planting, growing, and picking processes were done manually. Fast forward to today and you will still see some of the earlier day greenhouses around (though not the originals), but most of what will catch your eye, are the large glass structures. Much of the processing done within the glass houses is still done manually, however, as our wisdom and machinery have advanced, we now have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to utilize every inch of floor space and then some.

How We Grow

Greenhouses have allowed us to go from being solely a bulb growing company to one of the largest flower producers in the nation. Without these structures, our blooms would only find a way to your home throughout the spring months. And I think we can all agree that during our winters, we need these colorful beauties to keep the dreary wearies from getting us down. Our blooms that cover much of the Skagit Valley throughout the spring are planted in the fall. The first blooms to peep up take around six months to burst with color. In our greenhouses, some of our blooms can pop within less than a month, others, may take upwards of two months. It all comes down to a perfect science - moving the bulbs in the greenhouse at the right time, atmospheric control (ventilation, circulation of air, temperature), and proper lighting. All these factors must be spot on for production to be at its best. Our crews are regulating every step of the way to ensure that every bloom making it to your doorstep is top quality.

How We Grow

Our greenhouses may not be as glamorous as a field coated in color, but they sure are necessary for our flowers to grow on. A month without flowers would be like a birthday without cake - it will continue, but it lacks the pizazz of a full celebration. We hope you enjoy your fresh cut blooms with every season!

I must have flowers always and always. - Claude Monet

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