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What Is Happening This Spring?
What Is Happening This Spring?

It was at this time in 2020 we were entering a season that was unknown to many. People's everyday life was changed and challenged. Simple things like seeing family, visiting friends, or having a playdate at the park turned into waving to each other from across the street, chatting from park benches six feet apart, or seeing each other through computer screens. It was the first time ever we had no visitors at our garden, no crazy tulip time traffic, and no Tulip Festival. But that was last year, and we are excited to say, the spring of 2021 will allow the welcoming of visitors, the sharing of our garden in more than just pictures, and blooms that will be more beautiful than ever!


Will there be a Tulip Festival for 2021?

YES. Tulip Festival is scheduled to begin April 1st and continue through the entire month of April.

What Is Happening This Spring?

How/Where can I purchase my ticket?

In order to stay in compliance, we will be selling tickets online at www.tulips.com. From here, you will select a day and time to visit our gardens. All visitors must have a valid ticket upon entry, and we ask that you limit your stay to two hours. Please make sure to read ALL the print before purchasing your tickets.

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Will we be able to see your garden virtually?

Absolutely! We love sharing our garden to people near and far. If you are unable to attend in person, we will continue to show plenty of videos and pictures both on our website and through our social media.

When will the tulips/daffodils be in full bloom?

What Is Happening This Spring?

Depends on the weather. We know this is not the answer you are looking for, and we wish we could provide a more definite one. However, the timing of the bloom depends on the weather. Warmer weather brings earlier blooms and if it is cooler, the blooms will take longer to pop. Historically, our gardens and fields have shown to be beautiful in the month of April, but that is about as precise as we can get. You can always follow along on our Bloom Map and check out where the color is.

Can we pick the flowers?

Please do not pick the flowers in the fields or garden. Even if a bloom looks as if it has fallen over or are limp on the ground, we ask that you leave it be. You can however walk away with some fresh picked field tulips! In the month of April, we will have our field tulips available for purchase in our gift shop, flower tent, and throughout various flower stands. For those of you unable to visit us in person, you can always have fresh blooms delivered straight to your doorstep!

Why aren't tulips planted in the same fields every year?

We rotate our tulips on a five-year cycle. This means they will not be planted in the same field more than once every five years. This helps keep disease to a minimum and rotation is good for the crops. Our daffodils are a little different. Some varieties we dig every year and some we rotate every two years, after that, they are also on a five-year cycle. This is because daffodils tend to naturalize better, and disease is less of an occurrence for them. You can find a map of our fields here!

What Is Happening This Spring?

How come all the tulips/daffodils are not blooming at the same time?

Though all the blooms you see are spring flowering bulbs, they all have a season within that season. If you notice in our catalog we label each variety with an: E, M, or L, this relates to their bloom time. An E is an Early bloom, M is Mid bloom, and L is a Late bloom. Daffodils will always be first in showing their color. We will soon see our yellow trumpet, Dutch Master, shinning in the field right by our display garden. Once the Late blooming daffodils begin to open, you can usually find the Early blooming tulips are starting as well. We love the difference in variety bloom because it allows us to keep color in our fields and garden for many weeks instead of everything happening at once.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. -Lady Bird Johnson

We look forward to spreading hope, joy, and happiness as you all bloom with us this season!

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