The life of a tulip bulb
1. Sept.- Oct.
Planting Time

The tulip bulbs are going to be planted. Most important: plant them twice as deep as the bulb is high. They have no roots at this stage.
2. November
Making Roots

The roots start growing out of the base. They establish themselves in the dirt and take nourishment out of the dirt, the mother bulbs get ready for winter.
3. Dec. - Jan.
Cooling Period

Now starts the rest period. In order for the bulbs to bloom in the spring, they need weeks of at least 5 c. or 40 f. Frost at this time does not harm the bulbs.
4. Feb. - March
Growing Period

The bulbs begin to change as the starch, or carbohydrates in them turns to sugar. As this occurs, the leaves and flower gradually push up-wards out of the bulb.
5. April - May
Blooming Time

The tulips are in bloom-they receive their nourishment from the roots-only the brown skin of the bulb remains as all of the energy has gone to the bloom.
6. May - June

After the blooming period-the blooms are cut and the leaves are left on the plant. The new daughter-bulbs will be using the food values of the leaves to grow.
7. July - Sept.

Up to five small bulbs can be expected to grow out of the mother bulb. They form their roots slowly, and develop their blooms and leaves within the bulb, for next year's plant.

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