Place your bulb order early and you can qualify for 20 FREE Columbus tulip bulbs! Just place a bulb order for $80.00 or more* by July 31st and we will add the 20 FREE Columbus to your order!

Help us plan for fall and we will help you fill your garden with a little extra color for next spring!

• When you place your order during the spring or early summer (before July 31st), selection and availability of all of our bulb varieties is guaranteed! Selection can become limited after that so order early.

• Early orders help us get a head start on our planning for fall bulb shipments, and also help us to estimate how many bulbs will need to be set aside to fulfill our bulb orders. Each year's harvest numbers will vary, so early orders help us determine whether we need to set aside all of our Topsize stock or just a percentage of the biggest bulbs.

• We want to reward our customers with a gift of FREE bulbs - annually selected and always one of our most popular varieties! This year is Columbus - a big, beautiful, double bloom.

The variety offered as the FREE bulb changes annually. In other words, customers can continue to add to their home and garden displays with additional free tulip bulbs every year!

Bulb Orders of $80.00* or more by JULY 31st automatically qualify for FREE bulbs.

To qualify for this offer, your order must be:

• Postmarked
• Placed online at
• Placed via telephone by the offer expiration date.
• Only ONE order per household will qualify.
*Prior to shipping/handling and sales tax.


Fresh cut flowers are only half of what we do at We also have a great selection of tulip bulbs, daffodil bulbs, hyacinth bulbs, and other specialty flower bulbs for spring blooming. Customers can place bulb orders from February to December for the biggest and best flower bulbs available anywhere - including Holland. The mild maritime climate of the Skagit Valley allows our bulbs an extended growing season to mature and grow to larger sizes - growth that is supplemented by the rich topsoil of the valley. Need proof? Check out the blooms that the bulbs produce at our RoozenGaarde display garden. After our fields of flowers have been topped, the bulbs are allowed to mature and multiply, and are then harvested. then selects the largest bulbs from each year's crop so you can grow the same beautiful tulips and daffodils in your own home gardens.

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