Avignon Parrot French Tulips

Avignon Parrot French Tulips

$60.00 –$275.00

Avignon Parrot French Tulips - ridiculously large French parrot tulips. These blooms will blow your mind!

These French Tulips have very large blooms and will have a graceful bend rather than stand perfectly straight in a vase. Arrange these elegant blooms accordingly, and if a taller appearance is desired we recommend a very tall vase for extra support! Remember to keep these beauties in their sleeves upon arrival to let them drink water and stand taller before removing the sleeve and arranging.

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Breathtaking in size, color, and splendor! If you have seen these flowers before you know exactly what we are talking about. If you're looking for tall tulips with big blooms, these flowers are the ones!

Stems measure approximately 25 inches plus and will take a couple days to fully bloom. PLEASE NOTE: these blooms are extremely large and heavy which may cause them to fall over the edge of the vase as they mature.

Flowers are shipped without vase.


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